As we have mentioned in other articles here, there are numerous legal drugs on the market today and it will require quite some time to become an expert in the field. Especially when it comes to new legal drugs that are introduced every now and then and which are legal for a while, before the law gets a wind of them and declares them illegal. It is best that you know what kinds there are out there so that you can know what you can expect and to also know what you can do to avoid those which are deemed legal, but which will in fact carry with themselves some sort of penalty of law. We believe that the best way to categorize different legal drugs is to divide them according to the action they have on the user.

When it comes to stimulants, there are a few such drugs that are still deemed legal in general. Of course, when we say that something is legal, this does not necessarily mean that these drugs are going to be legal in the State you are from. We still urge you to check further and research local laws. Two of the most common legal drugs belong to this group and they are caffeine and nicotine, found in coffee and cigarettes mainly. These are considered drugs, but they are not deemed such in the eyes of law. Mephedrone, or MCAT is another stimulant and it is legal to possess in certain countries although it was legal until very recently. In 2011, the US government declared it illegal. Ephedrine is also a stimulant which has somewhat milder effects than amphetamines and it is a strictly controlled substance in the US although its legal status is still somewhat of a gray area. Betel is a nut that comes from Asia and that is chewed for its mild euphoric and stimulant properties.

Psychedelic legal drugs are many, especially if you include constantly introduced new designer drugs into this class. There are a number of plants, such as San Pedro cactus and Hawaiian baby woodrose which contain certain psychedelic compounds in them. The laws vary when it comes to possession and use of these drugs and it is a gray area in most places. This class of legal drugs also includes bufotenin and DMT among others. Once again, you need to make sure that your local laws do not prohibit possession and use of these substances.

Synthetic cannabinoids are legal drugs whose action is very similar to that of cannabis, if not even more potent. However, as these are primarily meant to be used as incense sticks, you might find plenty of them to be available without any restrictions of the law. There are innumerable such variations and you will need to research them further before you start using any as means to get high. It is also very important to make sure that the use is not going to harm your health as these are highly unknown to the medical community and experts on health. There are many popular brands of these, such as Spice, Rasta Weed and Herbal Incense. Once again, you need to check your local laws.

The next class is dissociatives and some of the most popular legal drugs belong to this group. The first and perhaps the most popular one is salvia divinorum which is still legal in the majority of states. At certain doses it produces hallucinations and dissociative effects that are very intense and also very short. It has been used by shamans for centuries and it is an experience many people describe as almost religious.  DXM is a drug that is found in a number of anti-cough products and it can produce effects that are similar to the ones of ketamine and PCP if taken at high doses. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas also belongs to this class, as well as methoxetamine.

Deliriants are another class where you will find certain popular legal drugs, such as diphenhydramine, amanita muscaria and datura among others. These produce certain hallucinogenic effects, as well as delirium. Some of these are highly toxic and it would be a bad idea to use any of them before you research more about them and their use.

There are other legal drugs that you might find out there, such as nitrites (aloe or combined with nitrous oxide), certain opioids such as codeine, kava, diethyl ether and kratom, which is a herbal drug that produces effects similar to those of opioids.

There is definitely no shortage of legal drugs out there, but you need to know how safe they are and how legal they are before you use any of them.